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At WABE International School we Do School Differently, and at the heart of our admissions process is our straightforward and family-friendly approach based on lived experience. We know, based on our personal and professional insight what you need and when.

Meet Andrea, our Admissions Manager, former expat and mother

Her number one priority is to make incoming families feel at ease and at home. She has been in exactly the same situation, with the same challenges and questions whilst searching for international schools for her children. She knows what families in search of an excellent international school are looking for and what is involved when relocating to a different country in terms of housing, visas, and settling into their new home.

Her personalized approach to Admissions is framed by her uncanny ability and insight into every situation surrounding expat and local families and her personal relationship to every family that is already part of the school or planning to come. Andrea knows every single student and family by name. No small feat considering we are currently at 235 students.

Andrea is a seasoned admissions expert. She embraces her job with a tremendous amount of commitment in guiding and advising parents and students in navigating the contractual ramifications, the different schedules, and curriculum outline of our international school.

Q & A with Andrea:

What do you love most about your job?

“Every day is different. I love meeting families from all walks of life from diverse countries and cultures. I love making them feel comfortable the moment they contact the school, and instill a feeling of belonging and trust that we are the right school for their child/ren. I work in a fantastic team that helps facilitate perfect customer service.”

What makes admissions at WABE International School so different?

“We make you feel like part of the family from the very beginning and we know you, your needs and wishes because we have been in your shoes. The admissions process here is straightforward, which means inquiries are processed within 24 hours. Students have a unique opportunity to do trial days, which gives them an inside realistic day-to-day look into their classroom, teachers and peers. We go way beyond the expected norm of making them part of the community in finding tailored solutions to their individual needs and wishes.”

What advice would you give families and students?

“My greatest piece of advice when relocating is to first and foremost find the right school for your children, where they feel at home, safe and happy. Everything else fill fall into place thereafter.

Families who are still overseas or international families who cannot visit the school, should take the opportunity and allow us to connect them with our community for information and first-hand experience.
If families have the opportunity to physically visit the school, they should always consider having their children spend trial days in their prospective grades. Students quite often know what they need and want and by spending time at school they will be able to say whether or not WABE International School Does School Differently and is the right fit for them.”

What is your advice for local families with a German-speaking background?
“Don’t be afraid of an international education. It’s a unique opportunity for their children to become international citizens of Germany and the world.
We are an English-speaking school which offers assistance in transitioning to follow the curriculum in English. However, we do expect a high level of effort and commitment from our students and parents. If students get accepted to our IB-Diploma Programme, they will have the great opportunity to study at renowned universities worldwide.”

Registering your interest online is easy and fast.

We are fast in responding to any inquiry within 24 hours. Come get an inside look at WABE International School by scheduling a personal or online consultation with Andrea! We’re happy to answer any questions you have and even connect you with families who are willing to share their experiences.

What is our Admissions button and Why does it Matter?

When considering WABE International School Pinneberg for your child, it is very important to dive into the culture of our school, its different pedagogical approach for dealing with the challenges of the 21st century, and if it could be a good fit for your child. Are you interested in learning more about how we Do School Differently? Would you like your child to love learning and find joy in school? Do you want to join an international culture where students care about each other and are prepared for studies around the world? If our approach resonates with your aspirations for giving your child a modern, hands-on education, the next step will be to register on our website:

Go to the Admission’s menu button where you can:

How to Contact Us:
(04101) 80 503 00
Eggerstedter Weg 19, 25421 Pinneberg


If you are ready to start your journey as a student at WABE International School then we ask that all students complete our online Application Form as the first step in joining our school. In addition to completing this form, please see the checklist below for a list of additional information that we require as part of the application process for grades 1-12.

Any questions?

Andrea Bauerfeld

Meet Andrea, our Admissions Manager

Call us (04101) 80 503 00 or get to know us

personally to get a better impression:​

Request a visit

Any questions?

Andrea Bauerfeld

Meet Andrea, our Admission Manager

Call us (04101) 80 503 00 or get to know us

personally to get a better impression:​

Request a visit

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