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Dear Wabe Team, now that a year has passed, we would like to thank you all for a great first year. Especially for the warm, open and friendly way you all welcomed Ben - and us as parents, of course. Your school is the best thing that could have happened to Ben and we are very happy about that. We wish you all a hopefully peaceful and wonderful few weeks of summer.


Dear teachers, dear staff, at the end of this school year we would like to say thank you. Thank you for your daily work, thank you for your great ideas, and thank you for always treating our children with kindness and respect. And a special thank you for the warm welcome at Peer. From a child who said, "I'd rather die than go back to school" (in September 2021), he transformed into a happy boy with confidence, new friends and love for his new school. We would never have dared to think of such a change. This is thanks to you! Thank you!!!! Enjoy your summer.


Wabe is the school that makes school really different! The learning process is very interactive and focuses on the social and emotional characteristic of each child, which is very important for children coming from abroad. The school, teachers and overall atmosphere are unique and supportive of the children to build respectful, responsible and true caring global citizens. I wish all children had the opportunity to be in a school like this!


The school education is really good and the teachers are very well trained. They also care a lot about the students and their learning. The students are very nice to everyone and enjoy learning. When he Bruno did not feel overwhelmed because he did not speak German, he received an incentive from all the professors and students to build his confidence and knowledge in learning and character. In addition, the IB program is important in giving Bruno opportunities in his future. We are happy to have chosen Wabe. The school is brilliant!


While looking for an English-speaking school near Hamburg, we came across Wabe. Our main interest was the language, but the school has so many more important things to offer that we are so happy our children go there. We have three children in 5th, 9th and 10th grades. When they started at Wabe, it was a life-changing experience for them. We are from Uruguay and lived abroad before. Therefore, living abroad in the multicultural environment of Wabe has made my children feel like they are at home. The teachers at Wabe are very friendly and have a very special connection with the children. They engage on a personal level and support is offered constantly in every way. As parents, what we like most about the school is the after school program. The afternoon classes help our children develop and grow as individuals. They help them discover their abilities, their strengths, think for themselves and form their own opinions. They also get to explore and apply what they are learning in the regular classes in their afternoon class projects.


My children love it at Wabe International School. The teachers are very dedicated and the kids have a lot of fun while learning. "Do School Differently" is exactly what the children experience every day at school. They get a good education and the teachers try to identify their strengths and strengthen them further. Every time I visit the school, I wish I could be a kid again and go to this school.


My name is Corinna and my daughter is in 10th grade at Wabe and wants to do IB. She adapted quickly because of the different ways of teaching and learning. Wabe is almost like a family and teachers and students work hand in hand. Students can always ask the teachers, even with personal problems. Therefore, there is a basis of trust. Due to constant feedback and diverse offers of different subjects, learning is more fun. Especially the afternoon program improves individual skills and supports creative learning with their exceptional courses. In these classes, students are prepared for life and encouraged to be on the cutting edge. As a parent, I have all the information I need because of a weekly newsletter that I love, and I always get questions answered right away.


„Being a parent, I observe my son’s experience at his new school, his mood and questions when coming home. I have seen a pivotal change with the new WABE International School my son attends now. The conversation with me has changed, from “ I want this or that” to “how can I help you, my friends and family and how lucky I am”. Values matter. Great work Wabe International School and teachers! I see the massive, positive growth in my son only in few months. Feeling emotional and psychologically safe, being able to think critically, differentiate fake news from real ones, social intelligence, and learning by doing. Skills that this new school is prepared for now and for the future.“


„I was allowed as a parent to accompany classes 1 to 4 on their trip to the cinema. It was a lot of fun and I would like to take this opportunity to emphasize once again what great and dedicated teachers we have at our WABE International school. The field trip was so well organized and there was a really great atmosphere! We are really excited to be a part of this wonderful community and really appreciate the work of everyone. Thanks a lot for this. Best wishes Luise Patriarchi“


Our son has been at Wabe International School since summer 2021 and he is very happy there. Many factors led us to enrol him there. We were very unhappy with the school he was at at the time. In addition, we were about to change to a secondary school and were looking for an alternative to the traditional German school system. During this search, we stumbled across an invitation to an information evening of the Wabe International School, then called International School Campus. We were already completely enthusiastic after this first info evening and convinced that the concept of this school would suit our child. After the info evening, we had the opportunity to visit the school again together with our son and also had the opportunity for a personal get-to-know conversation. We had hoped so much that our son would be similarly enthusiastic. After we had visited the classrooms, the sports hall and the incredibly well-equipped subject rooms, our son was also convinced. When he found out that the Wabe International School was a Lego test school, he was completely blown away. We are fascinated by the fact that learning can work differently than in the conventional German school system. At this school, the students are put in the centre. They should be doing well, they should feel safe and comfortable. People meet here with respect and at eye level. And you feel that when you enter the school. Everyone is always very friendly, open and approachable. We really enjoy coming to the school since Corona allows it again. WIS has a very high standard of education. It is an accredited IB World School and guarantees that students learn at a mother tongue level. The aim is to provide everyone with an excellent academic basis for their future. Students are already being trained for positions that may not yet exist in this form. But we are also excited that there is just as much focus on social skills. Of course, the students should get a good degree here. But they should also learn to help each other, to support and strengthen the weaker ones and to hold the door open for those who come after them. People here care about each other and are interested in each other. This makes for a very pleasant school and learning atmosphere. The many different nationalities that come together here make everyday school life even more interesting. Different cultures enrich each other here. The students support each other in case of language difficulties and translate for the others. This works wonderfully. Before the first day of school, we were naturally anxious about how our son would cope with English in the early days. Until then, he had not progressed beyond the most rudimentary terms such as numbers and colours at primary school. And of course our son was also mightily afraid of the first day. But we picked up a beaming child who was no longer afraid of language barriers. Of course, the language remains a challenge and he sometimes gets frustrated because he didn't understand everything, but his friends in class help him and there is always someone around to translate. Apart from that, of course, all the teachers speak German and help in case of emergency. After these first one and a half years at Wabe International School, we can say that it was the best decision ever to move to this school. Our son feels comfortable and enjoys going to school and we feel just as comfortable and in good hands. Whether we have questions or concerns, there are always contact persons who care. The whole team at Wabe International School is wonderful.

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